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The Builders Blueprint Program Is Designed To Help You Achieve More In The Next 90 Days Than You Will Over The Next Year By Yourself...

Who's This Program For?

Home Builder & Remodel Business owners wanting to fast-track their results NOW...

Those who are great builders want to learn how to build great businesses that mirror their work...

Building company owners wanting TRUE WEALTH: More Time AND Money to spend with those that matter...

Building company owners want to be the best in their town, city or community. The company with a great reputation and standing in the local community...

Building company owners want to control the overwhelm. Imagine waking up each morning clear-eyed and alert, eager to seize the day...

Those who, as much as you hate to admit it... Just don't feel the same excitement for the business you once had. It no longer inspires you but physically and mentally drains you every day of the week...

Those who once had hope and anticipation about their business but are now reduced to ghosts at the table, the fire inside slowly turning to ash...

So You Can...

1. Price with confidence, certainty & control by understanding the numbers that give you more profit & better cashflow...

2. Create a high performing team with a culture of accountability & systems that give structure you & your team to help run your office and site...

3. Install a sales & marketing machine to get a consistent flow of the right kind of work.

- So you get booked out 6-12 months in advance and mean 

- You get paid what you're worth

- You only spend time with those who have been educated & nurtured & pre-sold on having you & your company as the builder for the biggest investment of their lives. 

The Ultimate Goal of Being a Professional Builder...

4. Achieve True Wealth... That is more time & money. We believe your business should not only create more profit for you at the expense of your life, but that you should also earn more time and money, generating you more true wealth. 



These trainings are your foundation for success and include the core strategies from our Blueprint Model...

It's easy to get lost... To lack focus and to feel overwhelmed when looking for way to improve your business. 

As part of the Blueprint Program, we've taken out all the hard work and road mapped the exact route you need to initially take to get the best results in the fastest time possible. 

This means following a system... Following step-by-step fundamental trainings that get you started. 

These trainings are broken down into three core areas...

1.  How to get your team performing well & your systems framework set out. 

2.  How to build your online marketing and get consistent leads, then begin to nurture them with a sales process designed to convert the right people.

3. How to get your numbers under control and your pricing dialed in so you don't scale unprofitably or lack of confidence and certainty. 


Success leaves clues & the fastest way to the top is to learn from those who have been before and know what to do, what to avoid and how to get there...

> Access, watch and take notes from the best in the business. Every quarter at our events we hand pick one of our members to present on the results their getting, the journey they've had, and where they're heading next.  

We have 16 of the top performing members break down exactly where they were... Where they're at now, the specific strategies that helped them and the challenges they faced on the way to the top. Hear it right from the horses mouth, and see their plans and their processes.

> See the exact steps taken by 16 of our members in the behind the scenes case studies. Break down their plans, their mindset, the specifics of what they went through and where they're going. Don't approach your business with trial and terror, follow the path taken by those who have where you are and gone to the next level.  


Jump into the Facebook community where you can join like-minded building company owners on the same journey. Have your questions answered, share ideas and keep up-to-date on the latest...

You’ve no doubt heard it before, and we believe it to be completely TRUE.

You are the sum of the 5 people that you spend the most time with.

Well imagine spending time with a complete community of like minded building company owners who are just like you and spur each other on to win together. 

You cannot help but maximise the slip stream effect and catapult yourself forward when you surround yourself with people who have been where you are now and can show you exactly what they did to get there to save you the time, effort, stress and financial cost of going it alone.


Over the last 14 years we've developed hundreds of different trainings. Just pick the one that will get you unstuck & moving fast in the right direction...

To get explosive growth you need to follow a proven road map. 

A plan without the right growth tools is just plain “hopeology”.

Let’s replace trial & terror with absolute certainty and confidence!

Our builders growth tools are the ingredients that drive your business forward.

The rocket fuel that ignites your rapid growth and transformation.

All members of the Blueprint Program are provided with the tools, tactics and strategies to scale the builders ladder and achieve more in less time, with absolute certainty.

It's time to say good bye to guess work forever.

Our proven tactics and strategies are categorised under each of our core themes Team & Systems, Sales & Marketing and Numbers & Pricing and can be accessed 24 hours/day through our closed member’s only area.

Each tactic and strategy is a complete system within itself, with literally step-by-step instructions, guides, training videos, templates and “done for you” solutions to ensure your maximum success, ease of implementation and zero overwhelm.

Despite what most people will tell you, you don’t need to be a “natural” business person or marketer, you just need to follow a proven and tested system to get the results that you want.

With hundreds of hours of world class Builders growth trainings, you’ll never be stuck or unsure about how to grow your company ever again.

The journey is about to get fun for you again!


Each month we release a short actionable strategy that you can install into your business straight away to improve your results...

We are constantly improving, testing, measuring and developing the best strategies to take residential building companies to the next level. 

Every month we release the newest strategy or training on what's working. You get the video, the step-by-step rapid results sheet to execute and the tool, resource or template to make sure you don't get it wrong. 

Implementing just one of these strategies well could be the difference between the status quo and you having your best year yet. 


One of the most popular weekly trainings. The TPB Coaching Crew made up of our team of 5 coaches answer your questions LIVE to get you unstuck & moving forward

Every week we host our most popular and attended online training titled Office Hours...

Have your specific question answered by one of the hosts. Even ask the question yourself. Or if you're more of a sideline learner, hear what others are asking and want help with. 

This is your chance to get immediate, one-one help from the best in the business. 

You can even replay this back in your car at any time to keep up to speed. 


Each year we hold 2x Builders Summit events where we cover 2x areas 'Team & Systems' & 'Profit & Growth' - See www.BuildersSummit.com for the next one (Valued @ $995)

Join 100+ Building Company Owners twice a year at our Builders Summit

Network with others who have been there before and who have solved your current challenges

Learn LIVE from the TPB crew with the latest in whats working now... PLUS ask a few personal questions you might have

Take time out of the business to recharge and plan your next business growth period without interruption


Russell Clark  - Team, Onsite & Systems Guru

Russell Clark 

Licensed Renovations

Sitting on the BPM Advisory panel, Russ is accessible to all members to help out with growing a team, onsite problems and the finer points of the day-to-day onsite running of jobs. 

He's built a team to 56, gone bankrupt and has now come back to be earning more money with 12 guys than he was with all 56. Here to give you the low down on what needs to be avoided when growing your building company, Russ is available to help you grow without the trial and error. 

Covering everything onsite, including the ultimate sales process of how to charge for quotes, and how to grow a team, the national face of BCITO, owner of Licensed Renovations and Chief Advisor for onsite problems to the BPM community, Russ is your must watch at this event. 

Get these FREE Bonuses just for trying out the program...

Sales Conversion Crusher - Valued at $995 - If you're tired of competing on price, losing out to other "Bigger more experienced" builders and you're sick of playing around with the smaller jobs... Then this plug and play WOW Info Pack template with step-by-step video training and how to resources will help you position leads, convert bigger jobs and help you to stop competing on price.  

Valued at $995

Ultimate Website Package - Valued at $1199 - Gain access to not only our essential 14 step guide to creating a website that attracts, captures and converts visitors and leads into customers, but also get your own website audit and action plan with step-by-step action points so you can turn your website into a lead generating machine.

Valued at $1199

Some months you might be rolling in it while others you need to rob Pete to pay Paul... The problem is bad cashflow, but the solution is likely a combination of a few small tweaks. Our 12 Tips to Improving Cashflow PLUS our complete 151 ways to make an extra $500-$1000 per job per week guide - Valued at $699 will help you work from a checklist to make changes fast that will directly impact your wallet immediately... 

Valued at $699

That's $2893 worth of FREE gifts, just for trying the TPB Accelerator Program... & you can stop after the first month if you don't like it while keeping the gifts I'm giving you...


Talk of the town.

Check out what other building company owners are saying since having implemented these marketing systems & strategies you're going to learn at the workshop...

"Since implementing these strategies, we've just landed a $800,000 job, and now securing the $300,000+ reno's which is pretty big for us. The biggest thing I've learnt in the last 12 months is the importance of delegating”

Tamati Hawea, Premier Renovations

"Prior to finding out about these systems, my businesses felt like we were swimming in a pool of oil. The main difference now is, I don't work any weekends. I don't work in the evenings. I have a lot more family time, less stress. Even though we have more jobs on, and a more than double the profit coming in"

Ross Collins, BRS Ltd

"We've been able to systemise the business, bring on an extra team, and run multiple jobs simultaneously. I'm nearly ready to step off the tools completely and focus solely on the growth of the business. We used to get 1 lead a month, now we get a minimum of 20 leads a month, since implementing a new website. We've now booked up 99% of work in 2016"

Paul Bateman, Alpha1 Builders

"if I’d known about them [systems] earlier by now I’d be a multi-millionaire sort of thing with the world as my oyster”

Phill Claffey, Character Building

" I've freed up about 20 hours a fortnight... By implementing subtle strategies I've also brought on 3 extra jobs in the last 6 months, that I usually would have gone 50/50 on"

Ray Sale, Haven Renovations

"Before we do anything now, we get the client to sign a design agreement and get them to pay a design deposit ($1880.00) upfront. I used to easily pick up 80 hours a week. Now i get home by dinnertime most nights, and stopped working Sundays. A lot more time with family, and even a little bit of fishing time.”

Gordon Sanson, Homeworx

"Since learning these systems we've doubled in size in 1 year. I finish at 5:00pm every day now, take Wednesdays off and don't do any weekend work. I also just got back from a holiday with the family in Fiji, and have already booked Fiji again for next year. Really proud, coz we also just landed our first Million Dollar new build ”

Hayden Simpson, Simpson Residential

"Since Marti, we've grown from 8 guys to 20. Taking on multiple jobs used to be hard, but it becomes easier to manage once you implement these systems and strategies..." Mat's just taken 6 months off to build his dream home.

Mat Staples, Repair & Restore

"... after implementing these systems, we now have a company we're proud of, and can get our team excited about running..." "We are now working less and surfing more..."

Warren & Blair, Walker Adolph Homes

"We're now able to position ourselves as experts, not compete on price as much and get rid of the tyre kickers. I've also got a lot more time with the family and we just built our own home"

Alvin Chisnall, Certified Home Extensions

"Now that our website is live, we are getting 8-10 of our ideal leads each week. Now we choose the jobs we want to do and are booked out 7 months in advance.”

Russell Clark,  Licensed Renovations

"Since working with Marti we have managed to scale high, winning Westpac Small Business of the Year last year.”

Sanjesh Lal, Keola Homes

The computers are turned off at 5pm every night... heaps more free time and I can’t stress how valuable that is.

The number one thing I would have learnt would be how important systems in place really are, and to also set goals so stick by.

Brian & Jenny Lofroth, Lofroth Builders

"We now have a great hiring process and confidence to keep on growing since we have put theses procedures and systems in place, everything is becoming a lot easier, the headaches are becoming less”

Tim Cain, Cain Built

I've bought a commercial office, have a new website pumping, got my time back to spend with the family & now trying to get some serious juice from the business”

Brendon Sowerby, Next Level Construct

I'm far more confident in my ability as a business owner. I knew I was a great builder, people had told me that but I didn't have a lot of confidence on the business front. Now I do, and it feels great.”

Ben Templeton, Templeton Construction

The TWO easy steps to JOIN TPB Accelerator...



 Are There Any Guarantees?

We guarantee you can't accomplish big things if you keep doing small things...

We also guarantee that results don't come if you don't put in the work. 

 Will This Work In My Town/City/Country?

Yes, We have members in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, & New Zealand. 

From small towns like Hokitika with 8000 people to large metropolitan cities like Auckland, Sydney, Vancover, San Diego, Manchester& everywhere in between. 

 My Business Is Different...

You can cherry pick the areas you most want to improve & work on first & implement those strategies to get you moving forward fast. 

 How Much Time Will This Take?

The beauty of this program is that you can work through this at your own speed. We recommend at least 1-2 hours per week. The more time you can put in, the quicker you will see results. After some time spent on systemising each part of your business, you will have more time & more money& be able to step back & hire someone else to do that role as you head toward your business maturity date (BMD) & create your ideal business.

We designed this program so you can listen to the trainings while driving or even at work (or the gym) with your headphones in. 

How long until i see results?

This totally depends on how quickly you take action & how much effort you put in. You may just be one or two small tweaks away from unlocking massive changes & results from your business.

I'm not sure I can implement this stuff

We all have doubts at times in ourselves & our ability, especially if you feel like you've been stuck in the same situation for a while.

That's why we have mindset trainings, structures to free up your week and step-by-step plan & videos. 

Like going to the gym, if you put in the work & step up, then you'll see results. If you're not willing to put in the work then you are wasting your time. 

How Do The Payments Work?

Depends on your choice at checkout. You can invest in the one time amount (Saving you over $505) or you can go with two payments of $3250 and then again $3250 in 30 days time.

If you choose the double payment option, you will be billed automatically 30 days after your first payment. 

Can I Let My Wife, Team Member, Cousin, Brother In Law, 15 Year Old Tech Wizard Or Anyone Else Into The Group With Me Once I Join?

Nope, one person per subscription will be given access into the Facebook group. 

What Happens If I Want Out?

You'd only want out if you aren't putting in the work. Decide now to do the work & don't be a quitter...

But if you have to get out email our team to process your cancellation.

Can I Access Only The Training I Want, Instead Of Fully Committing?

No, you're getting several thousand dollars worth of value for less than it would cost you to buy each of the bonuses individually. 

Our community of motivated building company owners alone is worth more than the investment. 

Imagine all of the bonuses, connections, inside secrets & hours you will save just by talking with people on the same path toward true wealth as you. PLUS... Why wouldn't you take advantage of the rest of the trainings?

That's like having a Porsche & only using it to take the kids to school or do the shopping. 

What If You Need Help With Some Of The Training?

We have an expert team that is available to assist you. 

This is part of what you are getting when you join TPB Accelerator. 

Don't be lazy & expect the community to do all the work for you, you've got to put the time in, just like anything else. 

But if you're needing help, you can talk to one of the team, post in the group, search in the group, or attend the office hours trainings available to you... Or you can do all of the above.  

Why Should I Use This Training Instead Of Someone Else's?

If you want to be the best, then learn from the best. 

This program has been developed specifically for building company owners. 

Over the last 14 years and after working with over 5000 building companies across NZ, AUS, CAN... We've tested 100's of things that don't work & boiled it down to to the few critical things that do. These are all here for you laid out and ready to be implemented and executed. 

RECAP: What's In This Exclusive Program?

  • 27 Core Trainings and 36 exact templates/tools focused on Team & Systems, Numbers & Pricing, Sales & Marketing
  •  An exact 14-week game plan to follow leaving nothing to chance
  • Weekly "Office Hours" LIVE training Webinar with the TPB coaching crew of 5 coaches
  • ​Our 5 days a week help desk to answer questions and keep you on track if you have any questions
  • ​3x Momentum calls 1-1 with a dedicated TPB expert coach
  • ​Business Planning 1-1 Session With TPB Expert - Setting Your Business Maturity Date
  • Complete Lifetime Access to the course content 
  •  BONUS: Ultimate Behind The Scenes Library - Valued at $1199
  •  BONUS: 24 Tips For Controlling A Fast Growing Business - Valued at $195
  •  BONUS: 151 Ways to make an extra $500-$1000 per job, per week & 12 Cashflow tips with implementation videos - Valued at $295

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